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What we do

Over 140,000 travellers use V.Travel every year

V.Travel can provide a complete travel management service for all those involved in the Marine & Offshore industry. We have the strength of a global player, yet do not sacrifice our local expertise, provided by our experienced and multi-lingual staff. And being part of such a large organisation, specializing in full ship management, allows us to fully appreciate the needs of other ship managers and owners alike.

Encompassing all of the latest systems and ensuring maximum use of innovative technology, V.Travel provides our clients with a seamless and fully automated, request to check-in process, backed up by our account management team and a portfolio of management reporting.

Shipping is a global business - that’s why you need a global partner. Our network of eight offices spans the world’s major maritime and business centres, with more sites in the pipeline.  This network is wholly owned, not the product of a partnership, giving us complete control over all aspects of V.Travel’s operations for remarkably responsive customer service.

Add to that shared information and booking systems, management structures and operational procedures, and V.Travel offers clients a seamlessly integrated experience everywhere we operate.

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